Beach Math and Physics tutoring in Toronto  

Math & Physics Tutor

Expert one-on-one, video-link tutoring in high school mathematics and physics. Now accepting students across Ontario.

Virtual Tutoring

For the forseeable future, all tutoring will be done by video link.

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You always explained everything so clearly, which made it easier for me to understand all the different concepts and problems.

Tori - Grade 12

Mission Statement

My goal as a tutor is to help every student become self-sufficient and achieve long-term success.

For math students, these two important objectives are reached by identifying and resolving gaps in the student's knowledge base, and by developing essential mathematical and cognitive skills for high school and beyond.

In physics, our objectives are reached by first focussing on core physical concepts so the student is able to distill any problem into its basic pieces, analyze those pieces, then put them together in a coherent solution. Secondly, we work on the algebraic and numerical aspects of problem solving, which may also involve a review of mathematical ideas and methods.

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