Math and physics tutoring by Dr. DaveHire a tutor with in-depth knowledge, practical experience and real passion for math and physics.


Regular Weekly Sessions

To schedule weekly reserved appointments, please contact me at any time during the school year. Summer programs are also available, but much easier to schedule.

For the best times (and for the best academic results), get in touch around the end of August or early September and once your student's after-school activities are finalized. It can be a challenge to change your time or accomodate new students when my schedule starts to fill up — I will typically be fully booked on weekdays by mid- to late-September.

Arrival Time

I do my best to arrive on time for every appoinment, but might be a few minutes late finishing up with the previous student.

It is my policy not to leave a student hanging in the middle of a problem or explanation, which might take another five minutes or so — I will sometimes go a bit past the end time to make sure the student is comfortable with the last topic.

Please be patient if I've spent a few extra minutes with the previous student. That extra time can make a big difference for your student too, when the time comes.

Cancellation notice

To avoid charges please notify me of schedule changes at least one week in advance. Changes made within one week of a regular appoinment will be subject to a fee of $30.00, changes made within 48 hours will be subject to the full amount.

Changes due to occasional illnesses and emergencies are expected and understandable — no extra fees on a case-by-case basis.

Please send a text message to my contact number to request changes or cancel after 4 PM.

No-show policy

In the event that the student is not home when I arrive, I'll wait 10 minutes, knocking or ringing a few times, then leave. The full fee of the scheduled session will apply.


Most of the time I'm available to keep tutoring appointments on holidays and and will discuss scheduling with those affected at least one week in advance. I follow an "opt in" policy though: I assume students will not keep holiday appoinments unless I‘m told otherwise.