Math and physics tutoring by Dr. DaveHire a tutor with in-depth knowledge, practical experience and real passion for math and physics.


Some names have been changed for privacy.

[Your tutoring] has changed things immensely. [Our student] enjoys the tutoring and I appreciate you talking about their future and the connection between physics and math.

Annette - Mom

Your patient and understanding teaching style really helped [our student] feel more confident with math.

Collette - Mom

I am already seeing a level of enthusiasm never seen before.

Deni - Mom

[Our student] has really enjoyed working with you... and is so happy to participate in math class, answering questions, etc.

Elaine - Mom

[My son] was much more confident in his understanding of the work after such a positive first meeting.

Nici - Mom

I did much better than I thought I would. You helped me immensely.

Declan - Student

The hours and hours you put in helped me surpass my goals by a long shot. I learned a great deal from you, and despite the obstacles I faced, I appreciated what I learned along the way.

Raymond - Student

Your help has given [our student] much more confidence, less anxiety, and a passing grade!

Paul - Dad

[Our student] is finding your tutoring extremely helpful and is motivated to do more math than I have ever seen him do.

Lana - Mom

This was such a positive experience and really helped [our student] with confidence and study habits. It will have a lasting impact on his future success.

Patti - Mom

Your efforts and patience are very much appreciated!

Rhonda - Mom

[Our student] really increased their confidence and and performance with your help.

James - Dad

Thank you for your excellent [physics] tutoring. It really helped!

Lauren - Mom

Superb math tutoring.

Allan - Dad

You always explained everything so clearly, which made it easier for me to understand all the different concepts and problems.

Tori - Grade 12

Thank you so much for all your help, and keeping [our student] interested in math. I am sure she will benefit for the rest of her life from this experience.

Lotte - Mom

Thank you for your great work seeing [our student] successfully through these final years of high school.

Diane - Mom

[Our student] is gaining confidence in the subject and enjoys having you work with him.

Jim - Dad

[Our student] is now feeling very good about herself and very motivated to keep up.

Laura - Mom

He used the computer to teach me about triangles. It was cool!

Suhaib - Grade 8

He is very patient and he explains questions to me until I understand.

Sophia - Grade 11

I am impressed by his commitment to expanding the knowledge of students by providing enrichment opportunities in his classroom presentations.

Mary - Associate Teacher, OISE Program

I can't tell you how happy I am and more importantly, how happy [our two students] are with their progress. You've helped them both so much.

Jane - Mom

Extremely helpful and knowledgeable.

Henry - 2nd year geophysics

My daughter was very impressed with you.  She said she learned a lot in just the first hour.

Hayley - Mom

You're a fantastic tutor and a kind man.

Hannah - Grade 12

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