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Switch to Video-Link Tutoring

We will likely have to live with Sars-CoV-2 through the 21/22 shcool year, continuing to be cautious about our close contacts with too many people. Therefore, I have relinquished my previous "in-home" business model, which requires me to travel from house to house every time I go to work. It would be a risk to all students, their families and my family as well.

There are many advantages to this way of meeting with students, including:

  • I will have a lot more flexibility around scheduling.
  • Students with two family homes or those who are often away on weekends will be able to meet wherever they happen to be.
  • I am now available to meet with students from anywhere in Ontario.
  • Rates and cancellation fees have been lowered

I have successfully used the zoom app for tutoring since the lockdown began, and use tablet technology to disply my writings on screen for the student. Zoom works well in other ways, allowing multiple inputs from a participant, including additional cameras and any computer desktop imagery such as graphs, photos and websites, which assist with explanations. The student can also do similar sharing.

All meetings require a password to prevent unwanted interuptions; zoom links are sent the morning of a scheduled appointment.